Criminal Justice

Warden Exchange program equips prison leaders to create rehabilitative prison environments 

It’s a troubling fact: There are significantly more people in prison in the United States than in any other country. Close to 2 million people are in prisons in the U.S., costing taxpayers about $80 billion per year. The U.S. recidivism rate — the number of people who reoffend and return to prison — is […]

A look ahead: Strategies for putting public safety first

There has been growing anxiety among Americans in recent years regarding the safety of their communities. Crime rose during the pandemic, and already-overwhelmed law enforcement and criminal justice institutions have become backlogged and overburdened with too many cases to process effectively.  It is past time to make communities safer by implementing innovative, evidence-based approaches to […]

Innovative solutions to support law enforcement and protect public safety 

Violent crime continues to rise in many cities across America. Experts agree that poverty, addiction, and mental health are contributing factors. In the wake of the pandemic, precincts are struggling with officer shortages, and officers continue to deal with too many calls outside of their training scope that take them away from focusing on serious […]

Ending the ‘War on Drugs’ by changing how we understand addiction

After spending 50 years fighting the war on drugs through the criminal justice system, the results are in: Despite spending $46 billion in taxpayers’ dollars every year and arresting millions of people, drug overdose death rates have climbed more than 280% from 1970 to today, and addiction and violence associated with drugs persist.   “The purported […]

Businesses and individuals benefit from tools to help bolster second chance hiring

The job application process can be fraught with uncertainty for job seekers with a criminal record and for employers looking to include second chance hires in their talent pool.  Employers rightly want to find the best candidates that will strengthen and grow their companies. Job seekers with a criminal record understandably want to find a […]

Second chance hiring gives manufacturing industry, businesses a needed boost

For Franklin Comer, his first job was more than your ordinary professional milestone. It gave him a chance to show that he’s a changed man.   At the age of 56, after serving 33 years in prison for aggravated robbery and murder, Comer started working his first job at Nehemiah Manufacturing in Cincinnati.  “Throughout the whole […]

Building a strong foundation for criminal justice reform

The Council on Criminal Justice aims to cultivate consensus to create lasting change.

New survey shows openness to second chance hiring is increasing, but gains are still needed

More than half of H.R. professionals say they would be willing to hire individuals with criminal records, up from just 37 percent in 2018.

The Manufacturing Institute helps employers grow second chance opportunities

MI provides resources and expertise for employers on second chance hiring as a key solution to address the skills gap in manufacturing.

Vikrant Reddy

Vikrant Reddy is a senior fellow at Stand Together Trust, specializing in the area of criminal justice reform.