Economic Progress

Occupational licensing reform is a key to economic abundance in states

It’s getting a lot easier for individuals and entrepreneurs in states across the country to get to work, start businesses, and grow their state’s economy.   Strategic efforts led by groups like the Knee Regulatory Research Center, Goldwater Institute, and Buckeye Institute, all grantees of Stand Together Trust, have led to reform and elimination of overly […]

Idaho, Ohio, and Virginia are cutting red tape and paving the way to economic abundance  

Most Americans aren’t up to date on their state’s regulations and how they might affect them. It’s not their fault, either.   Anyone who has tried reading their state’s regulations often finds long documents with cumbersome language that can be difficult for a layperson to understand. Furthermore, a vast majority of states have an immense number […]

The Abundance Agenda: How more housing, businesses, and innovation can transform America 

Innovation and entrepreneurship — for generations these have been trademarks of American prosperity. Yet, the challenges plaguing our country in recent decades — things like higher housing costs, slow wage growth, expensive healthcare hindered by a highly regulated healthcare system, and partisan politics — seem to be interfering with the ability for politicians and citizens […]

Beacon Center wants to help make Tennessee a capital of entrepreneurship and innovation

The Tennessee state motto is “America at its best,” and among America’s best qualities are the innovation and entrepreneurism that fuel our economy.   The Beacon Center of Tennessee, a grantee of Stand Together Trust, wants to make good on its state motto by increasing the ability of innovators and entrepreneurs to thrive in their state. […]

A new proposed federal rule promotes child well-being via less government bureaucracy

When Maria Elena Thomas’ grandchildren were removed from the care of their mother, she didn’t like the thought of them entering foster care. So Thomas and her husband scrambled to take the children in, the New York Times reports. Accepting responsibility for the children was easy, but that responsibility came with significant costs. “The couple […]

A case for protecting the environment and allowing for reasonable use of property

In 2007, Chantell and Mike Sackett started building a family home on their plot of land near Priest Lake, Idaho. They could never have imagined that 15 years later, that house would still not be built. Instead, they are in an ongoing legal dispute with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), with the U.S. Supreme Court […]

Common-sense reform expands opportunities for Americans to operate home-based businesses 

Flexibility is a perk that often attracts people to entrepreneurship. The ability to set your schedule and choose where you work — these conveniences make it easier for people to balance work and family, save on commute times, and fit in household chores, exercise, and other tasks during coffee and lunch breaks.   Many people may […]

Reason Foundation and Pension Integrity Project lead state and local governments toward fiscal responsibility 

“Pension reform.” When most people hear the phrase they might tune out, thinking it’s a topic that doesn’t concern them greatly. After all, it refers to benefits promised to government workers and the balancing of local and state budgets.   However, the Reason Foundation, a grantee of Stand Together Trust, believes that public pension reform […]

New next-generation media platform wants to ‘make liberty go viral’

It’s well known that media shapes culture and influences politics. However, the rapid evolution of technology has changed which type of media has the most influence.   Consider that the average cable TV news viewership per day is between 1 million and 3 million views. Meanwhile, the front page of Reddit, an online aggregate of news, […]

Why innovation that disrupts a system can be an indicator of progress for child and family well-being

Stand Together Trust’s work is driven by an abiding belief in people – their potential, their power. Given that, it should be little surprise that child welfare is an issue we’ve been actively involved in for years – learning alongside our amazing partners. Like many others, we are appalled at the dismal outcomes resulting from […]