What innovation in education is teaching us about the future of education

The United States has entered a new era of education. For many students, a typical school day no longer involves boarding a yellow bus, sitting at a desk, and completing homework. Instead, students learn in non-traditional settings like neighbors’ homes or at skate parks and from instructors who aren’t certified teachers but are more than […]

School choice helped these students defy the statistics 

When Cheryl Kirk’s twins were nearing high school, she had some tough decisions to make.   Wanting to give her children the best education, Cheryl researched the academic performance data of the schools in Indiana where she lived.   What she found was not encouraging — the schools in the neighborhood where she could afford to live […]

Education organizations create roadmaps for families to use new state ESA programs 

Families wanting more flexibility to individualize their children’s education notched big wins in 2023.   Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Ohio, and Utah enacted laws expanding universal or near-universal Education Savings Account (ESA) programs. This tool provides families with funds to cover a range of educational expenses of their choosing.   ESAs are a bridge to “different, not just […]

Washington D.C. Montessori school engages the whole child and the surrounding community  

“What does school look like as a place you go to heal rather than a place you must heal from?” That’s the question teachers Zani Dalili-Ortique and Ebony Marshman asked themselves, their colleagues, and their neighbors beginning in 2019. Both say they couldn’t have imagined that a short three years later, it would be a […]

K-12 Talent Pipeline and Incubation: An Open Request for Proposals

Every learner is unique and deserves an education that helps them identify their gifts and pursue their passions.

Accelerating Individualized Education: Sal Khan unleashes the power of AI to transform education

Artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked concerns and cultural fears regarding its potential negative impacts. Chief among those concerns is the fear that AI will inhibit learning by making things easier for students and preventing them from developing and mastering important skills such as writing, problem solving, and critical thinking.   In a recent TED Talk, Sal […]

Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan wasn’t the answer: These organizations are stepping up to address the college debt crisis

Transforming the postsecondary education landscape 

Stand Together Trust partners with changemakers and policy influencers to empower people to discover and develop their unique skills and aptitudes, pursue their passions, and live a life of meaning and purpose.   Empowering people with the resources to pursue an individualized path of discovery and development in a way that best suits them is essential […]

Addressing the Root Cause of Student Debt: Beyond Student Loan Forgiveness to Innovation

EdChoice and the foundation for education transformation in America

In 2004, Milton Friedman, economist and Nobel Laureate wrote, “A far more effective and equitable way for government to finance education is to finance students, not the schools.” It very likely was the first time an education leader proposed the idea of funding students, not schools.  In recent years, however, the transformation of education in […]