Kindergarten-Grade 12

Washington D.C. Montessori school engages the whole child and the surrounding community  

“What does school look like as a place you go to heal rather than a place you must heal from?” That’s the question teachers Zani Dalili-Ortique and Ebony Marshman asked themselves, their colleagues, and their neighbors beginning in 2019. Both say they couldn’t have imagined that a short three years later, it would be a […]

Accelerating Individualized Education: Sal Khan unleashes the power of AI to transform education

Artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked concerns and cultural fears regarding its potential negative impacts. Chief among those concerns is the fear that AI will inhibit learning by making things easier for students and preventing them from developing and mastering important skills such as writing, problem solving, and critical thinking.   In a recent TED Talk, Sal […]