Post-Secondary Education

Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan wasn’t the answer: These organizations are stepping up to address the college debt crisis

Transforming the postsecondary education landscape 

Stand Together Trust partners with changemakers and policy influencers to empower people to discover and develop their unique skills and aptitudes, pursue their passions, and live a life of meaning and purpose.   Empowering people with the resources to pursue an individualized path of discovery and development in a way that best suits them is essential […]

Addressing the Root Cause of Student Debt: Beyond Student Loan Forgiveness to Innovation

A Policy Resource for Postsecondary Education

The world has changed dramatically in recent decades. Diplomas and credentials aren’t essential for every person to be able to contribute their unique gifts and talents for the good of others and society.   Stand Together Trust believes it’s time to stop romanticizing the bachelor’s degree and perpetuating a policy environment that does the same. Individuals […]