Foreign Policy

How should the United States be understanding the present-day conflict in Sudan?

Africa, particularly Sudan, is no stranger to conflict. The recent events in Sudan and the Horn of Africa are troubling not only because of the negative impact on the lives of Africans. For countries, like the United States, who have a checkered history with Sudan, the present conflict presents new challenges to our relationship with […]

What’s next in the Ukraine conflict? A conversation with Daniel L. Davis 

As the Ukraine-Russia conflict nears its 15th month and the Ukrainian people continue to suffer loss of life and destruction of their cities, discussion about diplomatic resolution is curiously absent from the conversation. Now that Ukraine has secured a limited number of modern NATO tanks and other military equipment from several countries in the West, […]

The Iraq war, U.S. national security, and the Middle East: a conversation with Justin Logan

March 20, 2023, marked twenty years since the United States invaded Iraq as part of the War on Terror. The conflict was deadly and costly — most especially because of the loss of countless lives, the displacement of millions of Iraqi citizens, and destruction of critical infrastructure, like quality health care and clean water, to […]

The Ukraine conflict one year later: A conversation with Emma Ashford

February 24th, 2023, marked one year since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a horrific and unjust threat to human freedom, continuing to cause tragic loss of life and prosperity.  With uncertainty about how or when the conflict might end, this one-year mark is a good time to reflect on […]

In the News: How realism and aiding peace efforts overseas protects the national interests of America

Stand Together Trust supports partners exploring ways more realism and greater restraint can better guide American foreign policy to ensure our country’s security and prosperity.  A few of our STT partners have written recently for prominent publications about the Ukraine conflict, our relations with China, and how thinking realistically about entering a war or negotiating […]

The Ukraine conflict and America’s national interests: A conversation with George Beebe

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine nears the one-year mark, the United States continues to play a central role in supporting Ukraine. But our support is not inexhaustible. Stand Together Trust spoke with George Beebe, Director of Grand Strategy at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, and a grantee of STT, about the conflict, […]

NEW POLL: Americans still want focus on domestic issues, wary of war over Ukraine

A new YouGov poll commissioned by Stand Together Trust shows Americans are generally against the United States going to war with Russia if it were to invade Ukraine and would prefer to focus more on domestic priorities over foreign issues.

In conversation: Ruger and Khalilzad discuss America’s future interests in Afghanistan

At the recent Advancing Security: Realism, Restraint, and the Future of Foreign Policy conference, Dr. Will Ruger and Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, the former U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, discussed how America’s war in Afghanistan came to an end and what American interests are in Afghanistan going forward. Khalilzad emphasized in his comments that when he became Special Representative […]

Stand Together Trust’s Will Ruger on status of U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

Americans should be thankful at the end of the United States’ longest war. Ending the military mission in Afghanistan and bringing our troops home is in America’s best interests.

Discussion: What is the future of U.S. trade policy?

For generations, free trade was unquestioned in the nation’s capital and other centers of global power. Multiple factors have shaken that foundation. What comes next?