Free Speech & Peace

Holidays & Hot Topics: A Guide for Tackling Tough Topics with Family and Friends

There are some things we look forward to year over year during the holiday season — like good food, time with friends and family, and festive décor. There are also things most of us dread — like conversations about divisive issues that threaten to spoil otherwise enjoyable times with loved ones.   Current events and our […]

FIRE Releases 2024 Rankings of Best, Worst Colleges for Free Speech 

Students weigh a lot of factors when deciding where to go to college. What’s the graduation rate? Do they have a strong liberal arts program? How much is tuition?  A university’s commitment to free speech is one of them.  Enter the Foundation of Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) ,a grantee of Stand Together Trust. Every […]

Juneteenth: Celebrating freedom, dignity, and charting America’s continued path to racial healing

On June 19, 1865, two and half years after President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, the remaining enslaved people in the United States finally heard that they were free when the news reached Galveston, Texas. Known as “Juneteenth,” this historical moment of freedom was established as a federal holiday on June 16, 2021, when […]

Is corporate America vulnerable to cancel culture? These changemakers offer tools to restore respect, civil discourse, and the marketplace of ideas in business 

Cancel culture began on college campuses and quickly spread to social media platforms. Now it is increasingly pervasive across corporate America. And the climate of fear and self-censorship it creates limits people’s ability to collaborate, innovate, and build inclusive, productive workplaces.  What’s ‘Cancel Culture’? Really.  Cancel culture is a term that many different people use […]

Young Voices: Training aspiring pro-liberty journalists to succeed in today’s media climate 

The internet has changed media — everyone knows this. Gaining attention in the media today requires more than being an expert on a relevant topic. Rising journalists and media voices today must also know how to package their work so that their messages are visible in a vast online media world driven by clicks, shares, […]

Celebrating Black History: Reflections from Stand Together Trust staff

Stand Together Trust (STT) believes that the greatest advances in human progress flow from our ability to embrace diverse ideas and integrate them into our communities. During February, the United States celebrates Black History Month — honoring Black Americans’ history, culture, and contributions. This Black History Month, we highlight how STT team members have immersed […]

College students ‘Bridging The Gap’ through candid conversations and relationship building 

As America feels more and more impossibly divided, college students mirror that trend – feeling more siloed on their campuses. This sense of toxic division could spell continued gridlock in finding solutions to some of the most pressing issues in society today.  That’s why in 2020, Eboo Patel and the team at Interfaith America, with […]

Bridging political divides and preventing political violence with academic research and community leaders 

On a summer day in 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Unite the Right rally gathered hundreds with the stated intent of protesting the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Yet, as media outlets ranging from  FOX News, The Wall Street Journal, and CNN reported, the gathering quickly showed itself to be more than that. The protest […]

Tips for talking about divisive issues during the holidays

Nothing can ruin a holiday gathering or dinner party faster than a contentious conversation. Many of us may want to avoid discussing divisive issues with family and friends altogether, fearing a disagreement will alter a cherished relationship. Yet sometimes these conversations are unavoidable. And more to the point, talking with our close family and friends […]

Salman Rushdie’s attack, Narrative 4’s work, and the critical importance of protecting free speech 

The attack on Salman Rushdie earlier this year in New York stunned free speech advocates around the world. Rushdie is a world-renowned author best known for his novel The Satanic Verses, which led to calls for Rushdie’s murder in 1989 and sent him into hiding for nine years.  Though under threat, he lived and worked […]