Foreign Policy

Realism and restraint

The Challenge

The United States needs a strong military to keep Americans safe. But our foreign policy relies too often on the use of military force — asking our service members to do too much in too many places. It undermines our security and saps our strength. U.S. foreign policy should be characterized by a grand strategy of realism and restraint, free trade, and diplomacy focused on articulating — but not imposing — liberal values and the advantages of a society of equal rights and mutual benefit.

This approach will make America safer, secure the conditions of our prosperity, and protect our liberal democratic system at home. It is also vitally important that our veterans, who have sacrificed so much implementing our country’s foreign policy, do not suffer from internal and external barriers inhibiting the realization of their potential.

Research Areas

Fostering discussion of a grand strategy of realism and restraint

Veterans’ affairs

Improving veterans’ health care, modernizing disability compensation, and ensuring veterans’ economic independence

educational programs

We offer a two-year concentration within the Koch Associate Program for emerging leaders in foreign policy.