Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan wasn’t the answer: These organizations are stepping up to address the college debt crisis

Addressing the Root Cause of Student Debt: Beyond Student Loan Forgiveness to Innovation

A Policy Resource for Postsecondary Education

The world has changed dramatically in recent decades. Diplomas and credentials aren’t essential for every person to be able to contribute their unique gifts and talents for the good of others and society.   Stand Together Trust believes it’s time to stop romanticizing the bachelor’s degree and perpetuating a policy environment that does the same. Individuals […]

New report offers best practices for open enrollment and states with best policies 

For decades, where a child lives has by and large determined where he or she goes to school. This outdated approach to education means that students are required to attend public schools that may not be the best fit for them for many reasons — like education quality or student environment. It also creates unequal […]

In the News: How realism and aiding peace efforts overseas protects the national interests of America

Stand Together Trust supports partners exploring ways more realism and greater restraint can better guide American foreign policy to ensure our country’s security and prosperity.  A few of our STT partners have written recently for prominent publications about the Ukraine conflict, our relations with China, and how thinking realistically about entering a war or negotiating […]

Neil Chilson talks Elon Musk and Twitter on TD Ameritrade Network 

People can’t stop talking about how Twitter will change now that Elon Musk owns it. Neil Chilson, Senior Research Fellow for Technology and Innovation at Stand Together Trust, joined The Watch List on TD Ameritrade Network to share his thoughts on how Musk can reset Twitter’s reputation.  Among Neil’s comments was a suggestion that Twitter […]

Protecting Free Speech and Bridging America’s Divides Go Hand in Hand

Americans support free speech. Study after study shows that people across all walks of life believe it’s a cornerstone of a liberal democracy. Free speech – in theory – should be a unifying issue in what feels like an increasingly divided country.  In reality, it’s more complex.   Humans are hardwired to fear and shut down […]

New Pluralists announces ‘Healing Starts Here’ public request for proposals

Americans feel more divided than ever. Polarization is on the rise. We’re experiencing radical economic and social change.  And our trust in institutions and in each other is dropping.  Yet most Americans are tired of the divisiveness. We’re looking for ways to collaborate with people who share different views and come from different backgrounds. But […]

In the news: Exploring the Constitution; Elon Musk, Twitter, and the First Amendment; Speech Codes on Campus

Stand Together Trust partners are engaged daily in the work of openness by protecting the public square and ensuring that people can collaborate across differences.  Below is a small sampling of their work and its impact.  The Associated Press visited a U.S. Government class in Pennsylvania as part of its examination of the deep political […]

Child and Family Well-being: our principles in action

Stand Together Trust’s work is driven by an abiding belief in people – their potential, their power. Given that, it should be little surprise that child welfare is an issue we’ve been actively involved in for a number of years – learning alongside many amazing partners. Like many others, we are appalled at the dismal […]