The Abundance Agenda: How more housing, businesses, and innovation can transform America 

Innovation and entrepreneurship — for generations these have been trademarks of American prosperity. Yet, the challenges plaguing our country in recent decades — things like higher housing costs, slow wage growth, expensive healthcare hindered by a highly regulated healthcare system, and partisan politics — seem to be interfering with the ability for politicians and citizens […]

Accelerating Individualized Education: Sal Khan unleashes the power of AI to transform education

Artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked concerns and cultural fears regarding its potential negative impacts. Chief among those concerns is the fear that AI will inhibit learning by making things easier for students and preventing them from developing and mastering important skills such as writing, problem solving, and critical thinking.   In a recent TED Talk, Sal […]

Bridging Political Divides: United Family Advocates leverages shared values to make progress in Child Welfare Reform 

Political polarization is increasingly stalling the progress toward solving America’s most pressing challenges. It can be difficult for advocates and policymakers to focus on shared values and common goals, rather than points of disagreement. However, those who lean into collaboration across political divides are often the ones finding the most effective solutions.  United Family Advocates […]

Could SCOTUS break the Internet? A discussion about technology and free speech 

Free speech is a hallmark of the United States. The growth of social media has thrust this fundamental right into a highly polarized topic in political discourse today. As has been the case throughout history, after every technological revolution it takes a while for society to adjust and create norms of the new era.    In […]

Primary care physician shortage is a national problem—these recommendations could be part of the solution 

America’s health care system is overburdened, with rising costs, bureaucracy, and medical worker shortages all making it harder for Americans to get the quality health care they deserve. One-size-fits all solutions to these challenges will not deliver better health for more people at lower costs. That’s why Stand Together Trust has for years collaborated with […]

How should the United States be understanding the present-day conflict in Sudan?

Africa, particularly Sudan, is no stranger to conflict. The recent events in Sudan and the Horn of Africa are troubling not only because of the negative impact on the lives of Africans. For countries, like the United States, who have a checkered history with Sudan, the present conflict presents new challenges to our relationship with […]

Warden Exchange program equips prison leaders to create rehabilitative prison environments 

It’s a troubling fact: There are significantly more people in prison in the United States than in any other country. Close to 2 million people are in prisons in the U.S., costing taxpayers about $80 billion per year. The U.S. recidivism rate — the number of people who reoffend and return to prison — is […]

Juneteenth: Celebrating freedom, dignity, and charting America’s continued path to racial healing

On June 19, 1865, two and half years after President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, the remaining enslaved people in the United States finally heard that they were free when the news reached Galveston, Texas. Known as “Juneteenth,” this historical moment of freedom was established as a federal holiday on June 16, 2021, when […]

Transforming the postsecondary education landscape 

Stand Together Trust partners with changemakers and policy influencers to empower people to discover and develop their unique skills and aptitudes, pursue their passions, and live a life of meaning and purpose.   Empowering people with the resources to pursue an individualized path of discovery and development in a way that best suits them is essential […]

What’s next in the Ukraine conflict? A conversation with Daniel L. Davis 

As the Ukraine-Russia conflict nears its 15th month and the Ukrainian people continue to suffer loss of life and destruction of their cities, discussion about diplomatic resolution is curiously absent from the conversation. Now that Ukraine has secured a limited number of modern NATO tanks and other military equipment from several countries in the West, […]