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Accelerating adaption to change: A conversation with Jason Feifer

Jason Feifer is editor in chief at Entrepreneur magazine. He’s also the host of the podcast Build For Tomorrow, which has received funding from Stand Together Trust. Drawing on his work, Jason recently published the book “Build for Tomorrow: An Action Plan For Embracing Change, Adapting Fast, and Future-Proofing your Career.” Stand Together Trust spoke […]

Neil Chilson talks Elon Musk and Twitter on TD Ameritrade Network 

People can’t stop talking about how Twitter will change now that Elon Musk owns it. Neil Chilson, Senior Research Fellow for Technology and Innovation at Stand Together Trust, joined The Watch List on TD Ameritrade Network to share his thoughts on how Musk can reset Twitter’s reputation.  Among Neil’s comments was a suggestion that Twitter […]

Regulatory Sandboxes Speed Innovation to Market

If there’s any one thing that defines the third decade of the 21st century, it’s that change is all around us. On every level, we are examining the past and replacing things deemed to no longer work with better approaches. Sometimes this is negative but when it comes to replacing outdated state regulations that keep entrepreneurs from […]

Engine gives startups a voice in technology policy

For the last ten years, Engine has educated the public on how startups work.

How change happens: Building an innovation-friendly culture

A Q&A with Jason Feifer, editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine and host of the Build for Tomorrow podcast.

Order and Chaos: Embracing an Emergent Order Mindset

We are surrounded by order that occurs without design or control on all sides. Yet we rarely think about this order.

Supporting the emerging generation of tech leaders

An employer and associate perspective from the Emerging Tech Policy Leaders Program, which received 90 applications for its first cohort.

Techdirt will explore importance of digital innovation during COVID-19

Stand Together Trust and the Charles Koch Foundation have supported Techdirt’s coverage of free speech issues in the past. Now, with a six-month STT sponsorship, Techdirt will curate content that examines how technology and innovation have positively impacted communities, individuals, and businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

Setting the table for discussion on how tech platforms address extremism

Media and technology firms are grappling to discover and refine the rules, tools, and standards that address substantive concerns about extreme content while allowing free expression to thrive. Communities Overcoming Extremism: the After Charlottesville Project is bringing together private sector leaders to talk about the questions and discoveries arising in different online communities.

Americans believe technology improves their lives

Stand Together Trust Senior Research Fellow Neil Chilson highlights a recent poll that shows that Americans are excited about future innovations.